Monday, March 29, 2010


I have to say that it's not often that I get excited about a class project. I'm not throwing other projects or classes under the bus, and they have been both provocative and inspiring. Yet when this project was announced via email, I literally gasped with excitement. A tip of the hat to my metaphysical theology professor Rev. Dr. Thomas Shepherd for creating such an out-of-the-box option as a 'Butterworth Blog' for the class The Theology of Eric Butterworth.

The object of the class is to examine the works of the revered Unity minister Rev. Eric Butterworth and discover what he was really saying. I'm a big fan of Butterworth's writings. Discover the Power Within You, probably his best known work, was the book that brought the traditional Christianity of my upbringing into alignment with Unity's message. I was able to gain a deeper understanding of Jesus' life and his massage as it related to Unity.

The object of the blog is to post my discoveries as we explore the books and have our class discussions. I don't think there is anyone in the Unity movement who doesn't hold Eric Butterworth in the highest regard, myself included, and because of his legendary status I never took the time to critically examine his works. Not critically in the sense of what is wrong, but from an objectivity separate from the admiration and the respect he readily deserves.

Truth be told, I'd rather do ANYTHING than write a 20 page paper. Ironically, the requirements of the blog will demand that I write more than 20 pages yet if you read my own personal blog RANTS TO REVELATIONS [shameless plug] you already know I love blogging and I will no doubt be more willing jump into dialog this way. So check back weekly for new posts, and's always better with butter[worth].


  1. Welcome aboard. Looking forward to your posts.


  2. Ogun....thou art guilty of padding your word count with ruminations against the assignment. LOL.